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If you are looking for a new long hairstyles 2014 for the cooler autumn and winter weather, now is the time to decide. From the catwalk, backstage to the red carpet, we bring you the most popular hair trends for 2014. Long hairstyles 2014 are much more popular, and are generally fashionable hairstyle with long hair.

Fashionable long hairstyles 2014 this season are somewhat more relaxed than previous seasons long hairstyles, fashion and besides, when choosing, consider ease of adjustment, and your facial features. Note that replaces the bun tail, and if you opt for a bun then decorate with lots of hairpins, which are in any case more modern than the previous seasons. Braids in her hair curled locks replaced on its axis, but remain in vogue braid, but as an individual decoration. However, if you like short, medium or long hair, long hairstyles are probably most interesting for you. Although the bob and sharp lines are still present, the majority of the collection is a little more feminine.

Cute long hairstyles 2013

Tousled and slightly wavy short hair with bangs to the side, the ultimate choice for short hair this season. Care is essential for long hairstyles 2014, but it can be very grateful, because it offers the most options when it comes to different long hairstyles 2014. In addition, every day you can experiment with long hairstyles and try different styles. Long hair can look really feminine and glamorous, and because most of the versatility that you provided. What hairstyle will refresh and give a totally different look are decorative accessories such as hairpin, headbands and scarves. We suggest that you look at it that we have been the easiest long hairstyles 2014, try and choose that you are the best.

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 Designers know that if they want their collection to be complete must not forget the makeup and cute long hairstyles 2014. With make-up this year largely failed, but because there are some hairstyles that would want to wear, but this week, although cute long hairstyles 2014 are recommended only in the fall. Hairstyles play an important role when it comes to the look and style, which is extremely important when changes seem to choose the right one. Here are some top hairstyles that will be attractive this year and next season.

Cute Long Hairstyles 2013

Odile Gilbert allegedly inspired by fields of wheat while creating these gorgeous styles that immediately caught our eye, and he wanted to show how it comes to women ‘free spirit,’ For these cute long hairstyles 2014, first apply the foam to dry hair and dry the hair until the strands twist to get the texture, and then pull my hair to the side.

Long Hairstyles with Layers – popular and trendy choice!

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 Sexy slightly wavy long hairstyles with layers and gorgeous curls, acting somewhat carelessly scattered, so that you can achieve a means to consolidate apply to the part of the hair from the roots down, but you omit from the highest levels to avoid ‘greasy’ look. Help one agent and curling. Then indulge in experimenting with brushes, curlers or a diffuser blow-dryer, depending on what best suits the texture of your long hairstyles with layers.

Long Hairstyles with Layers

These curls will definitely achieve the look fatal seductress. Try a retro or a modern version of these long hairstyles with layers. Use ceramic or electric curling iron to get voluminous, lively feel. The hour before ‘treatment’ apply a small amount of foam fasteners. Eminent domain in editing long hairstyles with layers as she ordered the this season should look shiny and thick, which is why we bring you examples of ideas hairstyles for long hair that were donated this trend. On the catwalks of fashion weeks of the world except the newest creations of famous designers, we had the opportunity to witness and new hairstyles for long hair, while they are the most current styles were ultra-slicked and very unkempt hair, and the same trend later appeared on the red carpet and social events. However, there are still a huge number of long hairstyles with layers that you can play and the accompanying ideas for decorating hair can serve to refresh your appearance mesmerized and fun look. Whether it’s in your interest to emphasize your power or feminine sides, the key to any look hairstyle customize the shape of your face.